Spy In The Sky

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Here’s what the book is about.

Pan Am stewardess Natalie and her naval submarine suitor Max find their budding romance plunged into the international intrigue of the 1970s Cold War when she discovers her roommate Mia is an East German spying for the Soviets. To complicate matters, Max’s submarine mate, Peter, has fallen in love with Mia. When she is directed to turn Peter into a Russian spy, the result is a sexy espionage thriller that pits the creativity of the CIA against the treachery of the KGB.

SPY IN THE SKY takes place against the backdrop of the Cold War as the action moves from New York City to a variety of facilities bordering the Atlantic, and finally to East Berlin. The Soviets are desperate to close the gap in submarine technology and will use any means to steal American secrets. Max and his fellow naval officers collaborate with the CIA to thwart the KGB and help Mia free her father from an East German gulag. The book is particularly relevant to current events, as mounting tensions between the US and Russia push the world toward the precipice of another international conflict of ideologies.